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Cleaning Dark Edges On Carpet In Burnaby BC

What are those dark greyish/black lines around my baseboards, on my staircase, and under my doors?

This condition is known as “Filtration Soiling” and it is caused by dust, smog, and air pollution found in our air. As air flow passes through these areas, these pollutants are deposited in the carpet, similar to an air filter in your car. Air flow is created by heating systems, air condition systems, and natural convection currents where hot air is attracted to cold and vice versa. It can take weeks, months or years to develop. On a light coloured carpet it will show up faster.

dark edges(filtration soiling)Filtration soiling is difficult to remove from carpet because the soil particles found in air are much smaller than something that is spilled on the carpet. To clean the dark edges we use a safe solvent like odourless mineral spirits, citrus solvent, or citrus gel like hand cleaner mechanics use, and hydrogen peroxide. This mixture is applied to the dark edges and agitated with a narrow edge nylon brush and then flushed with specialty crevice tools, high heat, and vacuum that are available in professional carpet cleaning equipment. Challenges around the perimeter room with baseboard include scratching baseboards because of agitation and swelling of baseboards because of moisture. This being said we always explain the possible risks in attempting to clean dark edges.

To lessen chance of heavy build up would include changing heating and a/c filters, vacuuming edges with the crevice tool attachment, leaving doorways open, and sealing off air flow source using caulking at bottom of walls where they meet the floor and stairways prior to carpet installation. Also hire a carpet cleaning company who knows how to handle cleaning dark edges on carpet in Burnaby, BC.

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