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Pet Odour Cleaning Vancouver BC

Furry friends can certainly add to the pleasant atmosphere of your household and increase your overall enjoyment of life, but inclusion of pets in your home can also have some less-than-pleasant consequences. Pet odour can be embarrassing, particularly when guests come to visit. No one wants to host a party or other type of event in their home knowing that guests may be making unkind comments behind their backs about the way that the interior or the house smells. Household occupants are frequently completely unaware of how bad a home can smell when pets are in residence because they have grown used to the odours, and guests often politely say nothing directly to the hosts when faced with unpleasant smells.

Over-the-counter pet odour cleaning solutions simply mask the problem temporarily rather than eliminating the source of the odours, which is why many homeowners are never able to get rid of the unpleasant smells. Carpets in particular harbor nasty smells that cannot be removed until the source of the problem is eliminated. Steam cleaning gets rid of the substances that are causing the smell by completely lifting them out of the fibers during the steam cleaning process rather than just masking them with chemical perfumes.

If you’re a pet owner there is no doubt you have on occasion come home to find your pet has relieved itself on the carpet. Now you are faced with 2 challenges. Getting the yellow stain out and getting rid of the smell. Some carpets hide stain and if that’s the case you will need to pin point exactly where your pet has soiled the carpet with the use of a black light that will fluoresce the areas when it is dark. You need to pinpoint where the source of smell is coming from to effectively treat the area.  At our Vancouver carpet cleaning company, we receive calls about pet soiling daily and are considered pet stain and odour removal specialists.

First start by absorbing as much of the area as possible via a wet vacuum or place white terry clothes over the area and step on the terry clothes to absorb the urine into the cloth. Repeat until no more is absorbing into the towel.

Next you will need to apply a pet stain/odour neutralizer. Your choices will generally include enzyme-based cleaner which digests organics, absorbent compound (baking soda with vinegar) which absorbs to be vacuumed away, or oxidizer (hydrogen peroxide) which safely bleaches the yellow and helps with odour as well.

Each one will require you to saturate the area to make sure you get all the way down, usually twice as much as you see on the surface. After applying the solution of your choice and cover the area with saran wrap so it does not dry fast. The longer it stays wet the better results you will get with odour aspect (over-night should suffice). Absorb again until dry. If yellow stain remains use hydrogen peroxide  (3.5%) to help remove yellowing.

The bigger you pet the more challenging it will be as more volume is released. If it reaches the under pad, the carpet may need to be peeled back and under pad replaced.

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